What's your theory of time?  (When did time start? How does time work? How should we measure it?) (DYM I.48)

By John Allen
You'd have to start with Einstein's Theory of Relativity.  MIT Physicist and writer, Alan Lightman, imagines Einstein must have have had some very playful and rich dreams about Time, that Einstein's divergent thinking and rich imagining played a crucial role in his ability to conceptualize Relativity. In this short video about his writing of Einstein's Dreams, Lightman emphasizes the need for art in a science education to train the mind to "roam free and consider many possibilities."

From iPod headphones to Patagonian glaciers, the arrow of time moves in astounding ways.  Entropy and the sequencing of events in one direction shape our experience of time.

A tangled mess: Andrew Pontzen's "Entropy and the Arrow of Time":

A determined glacier:  BBC's Wonders of the Universe,
"The Arrow of Time":

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