What do you see that other people don't see? (DYM I.1)

By John Allen

In one of the most inspirational TED Talks, Marjora Carter tells how her dog led her to her first great project, Hunts Point Riverside Park in the south Bronx.  In what looked like just another illegal dump, Carter saw the possibility to transform weedy, garbage-strewn land into a vital and green space for people to enjoy.  Since then, she's founded the Majora Carter Group and has become an internationally respected consultant in urban revitalization.  

Nicholas de Monchaux, architect, urbanist, writer, and Assistant Professor of Architecture & Urban Design at UC Berkeley, uses high technology to identify remnant parcels of neglected and abandoned land in urban settings.

While others see these remnant parcels as natural manifestations of urban landscapes, Monchaux's Local Code: Real Estate project aggregates and transforms these parcels into an urban "immune system" of green spaces that saves cities millions of dollars while creating people-friendly places. 

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